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Mark Jaffe is a consumer products and technology executive with an active consulting business that enables product and service companies, as well technology, manufacturing and digital media companies, to achieve breakthrough revenue growth with sustainable profits from a foundation of sound strategic analysis and innovation.

For over thirty years, Mark Jaffe has broken through the revenue ceiling for both product and service companies.  In up market cycles and in down market cycles.  In growing industries and in mature industries.  He has given companies the strategies and tools to penetrate new markets, build new channels and acquire new businesses.

Strategic Growth Consulting has achieved significant results for over 80 clients in the past eleven years,  We specialize in providing strategy, marketing, new business development, and sales consulting by creating practical recommendations and sensible solutions that boost revenues in the short term while building a solid foundation for significant, sustainable and replicable long-term growth.

We develop close, productive relationships with our clients so that the significant growth they achieve is a result of collaborative, well researched and strategically sound solutions.  By giving CEOs and Presidents the knowledge and tools to strategically grow by leveraging their organization’s true, core value propositions through efficient and effective business practices, we can ensure the growth has the organizational structure and process to be successful over the long term.

We help companies plan and implement growth solutions through the multiple horizons of company growth so that they can innovate in their core businesses and build new ones at the same time.  In this way, companies can manage their growth pipeline so that more mature sources of growth are supplemented by newer, more vibrant sources of growth at the right point in the curve.

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