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Strategic Growth Consulting provides small, mid-sized, and large companies with the insight and tools to leverage their company’s core value proposition into new and enhanced revenue streams.

Specifically, Mark Jaffe can help your company:

  •     Build intrinsic company value
  •     Strategically grow your business
  •     Locate and secure capital to finance your company’s growth
  •     Develop sound strategic growth plans
  •     Conduct customized strategic company retreats
  •     Leverage your core company competency into new market segments
  •     Develop new products or service
  •     Extend existing products or services into new revenue producing         products or services
  •     Create proven business development plans
  •     Increase sales team effectiveness
  •     Build new channels of distribution
  •     Source and secure agreements with strategic partners
  •     Improve operational execution
  •     Integrate core company functionality
  •     Coach your CEO to continue this growth on their own
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