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I hired Mark Jaffe as a CEO consultant in March of 2007. From the very start, Mark was easy to work with. His approach is very easy going but with the total focus on getting the job done. He held me accountable when I didn’t follow through on an assignment but never made me feel like I dropped the ball. He just made suggestions on how I might change this or that so it would work better the next time. Working together, we formed a formal management team that now gets things done. Everyone is accountable to everyone else.

Mark and I worked on our first strategic plan and I presented the plan to our board in October of 2007. It was approved by the entire board. We are now in the process of taking our company to the next level and are expecting annual growth of 20% or more.

Mark was the right person for our company at the right time. I am certain that if I had not brought Mark on board when I did, my company would still be bumping along, maybe growing a little. We are now totally focused on where we want to go and how to get there.

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